Dua Cards

Key Features of the Dua Cards Here  are Some Reasons Why You Should Have These Dua Cards...
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Abdul Samad

Please hajj k lye b banaye

Mrs Shams

Its a bit costly because no new duas were added. All these are common duas n everyone knows them

Ali Nizam

Got them for my kids. It is something everyone should have.

AlI Raza
Good prodicet

Ali raza

Shoukat Zaman

Dua Cards

Dua Cards

Vendor: Islamic Habitat

Dua Cards

Rs.1,800.00 Rs.1,200.00

Vendor: Islamic Habitat

Dua Cards

Rs.1,800.00 Rs.1,200.00

Key Features of the Dua Cards

Here  are Some Reasons Why You Should Have These Dua Cards

* It contains translations in both English and Urdu, making it understandable for everyone

* It features every reference to duas, offering a comprehensive resource for those seeking guidance.

* These Dua Cards have an exceptional design allows for easy portability, making it a convenient option for those on-the-go.

A Comprehensive Collection of over 45 Duas for Spiritual Guidance
Discover the power of supplication with this compilation of more than 45 Duas, extracted from the Quran, Sahih Al Bukhari, Muslim, Abi Dawood, and Tirmidhi. These supplications cover a wide range of topics, including divine assistance during challenging times, blessings for oneself and loved ones, augmentation of life's provisions, relief from anxiety, and attainment of inner peace. This Dua book is essential for individuals seeking spiritual guidance in their day-to-day lives and navigating diverse situations. Let us pray that Allah (SWT) helps us to become better Muslims. Ameen!

List of 45 Dua

1. Dhikar
2. Dhikar 2
3. For the good will of both worlds
4. For forgiveness
5. For Aafiya
6. For the time of distress
7. For Pain Relief
8. For Health
9. For the ease and help
10. For acceptance
11. For all your needs
12. For ease of Task
13. For seeking forgiveness
14. When afflicted by calamity
15. For difficult times
16. Protection from evil eye
17. Dua for parents
18. For protection from hellfire
19. For Barakah , knowledge, sustanance , and good deeds
20. Seeking Allah's mercy and help in distress
21. For forgiveness and mercy
22. Allah is sufficient for guidance and protection
23. Allah is sufficient for guidance and protection 2
24. For house in jannah
25. For forgiveness for oneself , parents and believers
26. For patience
27. For evey type of goodness
28. For increase in knowledge
29. When Traveling
30. When waking up
31. When become angry
32. Before going to sleep
33. Entering the house
34. Leaving the house
35. Before eating
36. If you forget dua before eating
37. After eating
38. Entering Toilet
39. Leaving toilet
40. Leaving masjid
41. Entering masjid
42. When you sneeze
43. When it rains
44. After Wudu
45. Before wudu

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