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Tracing Quran work book ( Pack of 3)

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For Memorising short Surahs and practice writing in Arabic . This a great work book to pause and reflect upon the words of Holy Quran and to acquire immense blessings.

Each workbook only includes following surahs
Surah Fatiha
Surah Kahf
Surah Yasin
Surah Rahman
Surah Waqiah
Surah Muzammil
Surah Mulk
Surah Alaq
Surah Duha
Surah Qariah
Surah Takasur
Surah Asr
Surah Humazah
Surah Fil
Surah Quresh
Surah Maoon
Surah Kausar
Surah Kafiroon
Surah Nasr
Surah Masad
Surah Ikhlas
Surah Falaq
Surah Nas.

How to use

Recite Bismillah

Perform wudhu

Find a peaceful corner

Good posture

Trace the verses using a black pen (pointer)

Recite the verses after tracing

Customer Reviews

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Kashif Sayyam
Quran pak

It's amazing and quran pak love love love tasbeeh soo amazing and your packaging 📦 is also good 👍 ❤️


Ma bohat khush hn. Or sakoon mahsos Karti hon. Daily parhti to thi likin Mera Dil likhny ko b Chahta ap ki company k Liye Dua gho hon.Allah apko iska bohat Ajaar day .Ameen sum Ameen

Momna Hasnain

Thank you so much for giving me a way to connect to my Allah

Mah Noor

mashaALLAH it was all perfect:)

Fatima Tehreem

Salam sir .
I didn't receive yet .